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Caring about the environment and its people

In a world increasingly aware of the harm that tourism can do, helping to protect the environment - both at home and overseas - is very important to us.

Headwater holidays are all about getting you to places you can't go in a car and, as such, are much more environmentally friendly than traditional "fly and flop" fortnights on the beach! In fact, last year, Headwater walkers hiked a staggering 462,000 kilometres; our cyclists pedalled an amazing 520,000 kilometres; our canoeists paddled an impressive 9,000 kilometres, and our dedicated cross country skiers notched up a further 39,000 kilometres. That makes a record-breaking total of 1,030,000 carbon neutral kilometres in just 12 months!

Our sustainability ratings

As an environmentally responsible tour operator we’ve added a sustainability score to each holiday – look out for these on the individual holiday pages. This is a percentage score based on the environmental impact of each element of the tour from the point of arrival in the holiday area. This includes all local transportation and transfers as well as the environmental awareness of the local suppliers that ‘service’ a Headwater holiday – anything from the food miles involved in the hotel chef sourcing his ingredients to how responsible the hotel’s policy is on the washing of linen, towels and napkins.

We’ve also assessed the part our customers can play in sustainability too by awarding higher scores to holiday itineraries that provide the opportunity to inject cash into local communities through perhaps buying local souvenirs, visiting local heritage attractions and eating out in cafés and restaurants in small towns and villages.

How you can help

By thinking about how you choose your holiday, and how you travel, you can reduce energy consumption and waste - whilst still enjoying your travels to the full.

With the ever growing awareness of our impact on the planet, many people are now looking into ways to reduce their carbon emissions or to offset their effects. In addition to alternative travel choices, we encourage our customers to offset the carbon emissions from their travel to help reduce environmental impact.

With the ever growing awareness of our impact on the planet, many people are now looking into ways to reduce their carbon emissions or to offset their effects. Many of our European destinations can be reached by a combination of Eurostar and high-speed rail links (with lower emissions than an equivalent flight) - and our sales team will be happy to provide you with a tailor-made quote for Eurostar/rail packages where this is possible. However you choose to travel you can easily calculate the carbon emissions for your journey and make a donation to offset their effects.

World Land TrustThe World Land Trust is an international conservation charity, supported by Sir David Attenborough and Bill Oddie. Since its foundation in 1989 as the World Wide Land Conservation Trust, the World Land Trust has been working to preserve the world's most biologically important and threatened lands, and has helped purchase and protect over 375,000 acres of habitats rich in wildlife, in Belize, Costa Rica, the Philippines, South America and the UK. The land they help to save is owned by local organisations, protected as nature reserves for the benefit of both wildlife and people.

The restoration ecology projects run by the World Land Trust under their Carbon Balanced programme deliver much more than a measurable offset for CO2 emissions and you can help them to continue their work by offsetting the carbon emissions for your holiday.

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