Why travel with Headwater?

Responsible tourism

By thinking about how you choose your holiday, and how you travel, you can reduce energy consumption and waste - whilst still enjoying your travels to the full.

What you can do as a traveller

  • Off-setting carbon emissions and flying carbon neutral has significant positive impacts on global warming - and it's easy to do!
  • "Switch off" before leaving home for your holiday: turn down/off central heating and hot water systems; switch off all lights - using low energy bulbs in security lights; turn off appliances at the mains rather than leaving on stand-by
  • Re-cycle your Headwater brochure after your holiday or pass it on to a friend
  • Don't take litter on holiday with you: remove the packaging from clothing, toiletries, etc and recycle where possible
  • Buying locally made products is a great way to get under the skin of the place you're visiting and also hugely benefits the local community
  • Avoid buying any products made from endangered plants or wild animals
  • In countries where bargaining is normal, do it with good humour, bearing in mind that a small cash saving to you could be a significant amount of money to the seller
  • In your hotel(s), turn down/off the heating and air conditioning when not required; switch of lights when leaving a room, and turn the TV off rather than leaving on stand-by
  • Try to use water sparingly. Take showers instead of baths and let hotel staff know if you're happy to re-use towels rather than having them replaced daily

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