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Responsible tourism

In addition to the careful planning that goes into each and every one of our tours, we also have a policy of operating our office in a responsible manner - to reduce the impact on our local environment.

What we do in the office

  • We turn off all lights, printers, photocopiers and PC's at the end of each day: a PC monitor switched off overnight saves enough energy to microwave six meals; leaving a computer on 24/7 costs four times more than if you switch it off; a photocopies left on overnight uses enough energy to produce over 1,500 copies
  • We use energy efficient light bulbs and make sure they're regularly cleaned - dirty bulbs can reduce the amount of effective light by over 25%
  • We've turned down every radiator by 1 degree in a bid to reduce energy consumption by as much as 10%
  • All our brochures are printed on paper from sustainable sources and sent in bio-degradable packaging
  • We strive to reduce paper consumption and, what we do use, we recycle
  • We recycle all our used laser printer and inkjet cartridges

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