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Where in the world are the most beautiful sunsets?

Find out three of the best locations from around the world to enjoy this powerful sight.

The best sunsets happen in unexpected places.

Sure. You’ve heard France has great sunsets. Perhaps you have already seen them. But much like when you meet someone special, those memorable moments are in places less cliché and more surprising.

We’re about to shine some light over some of these fantastic destinations. Places where you and a partner are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time. Why don’t you come along?

In search of the setting sun

3) Norway, Venabu

Ever hear of the Midnight Sun? Well, during the summer season in Norway things get a little bit different.

The sun, for about a two month period, never fully sets. It’s visible 24 hours a day, never quite managing to dip beneath the horizon. The colour can vary in intensity: depending on if you are viewing from a village behind the mountains or watching from a boat on the sea.

Can’t wait until the summer? Then there’s no better place to see dramatic sunsets than the rustic areas of Venabu. Around February the sun rises at 8am and sets at 5pm. This gives you enough time to go skiing during the day, then from the family-run Fjellhotel watch the sun set into the night.

2) Italy, Rome

For many generations people across Italy have seen incredible sunsets. The history of its capital, Rome, spans back over 2500 years, since its legendary and mythical founding in 753 BC by the twins Romulus and Remus — twins who were raised by a she-wolf.

Now over two millennia later, you can visit the country and find an unexpected amount of its heritage intact. You could watch the sunset from the centre of the city, seeing how the change of light affects the Trevi Fountain. Or walk along the river banks as the sun goes down over the Tiber.

1) Austria, Vienna

The sun means a lot to the people of Austria. It contributes to farming, domestic production, and all the other bits and pieces that make up agriculture. Over the years, many talented people have tried to capture the beauty of Austria’s farmlands, including the artist Gustav Klimt.

That farming tradition continues to this day. Around the 1950s, the Austrian government wanted to produce more food domestically to feed its growing population. And despite the general decline in the industry elsewhere, by the 1990s Austria had become self-sufficient for all cereals, milk products and red meat.

Imagine walking around traditional farming hamlets in the winter, like the Tyrolean hamlets in Leutasch. You’re on the way to the Hotel Xander, the oldest inn in the valley. To get there you walk across the plateaus and forests. Over this glistening scenery you watch the sun set. Then you relax in the hotel’s indoor heated swimming pool.

Are these the only places to see the sunset?

Norway, Italy and Austria are some of the best places in the world to see the sunset. But of course they are not the only places you can go.

Context is key. The best place to see the sunset, are places where you have the right company and the right atmosphere, something that we can help you to discover. Just let us know your preferences and we can help you start your adventure.

With Headwater you can experience even more sunsets in the most breathtaking destinations including from Cape St Vincent in Portugal, the most south-western point of Europe and the sunset which regularly forms the backdrop to the Azure window on the charming island of Gozo.

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