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When should I book a walking holiday?

Not sure when to book your next adventure? Let’s set you on the right track

The best time to book depends on the kind of things you want to see, and of course that’s always going to be tied to your personality. Let’s explain.

Motivations for an adventure

Compare these two people. First, remember the famous explorer Sir Francis Drake, who famously circumnavigated the world? Well along the way, he’s said to have kept a travel diary in which he wrote about birds, trees and sea-lions. He was inspired by nature.

But another explorer was different: Christopher Columbus, famous for travelling across the American continents. For each journey, he is supposed to have set off in search of riches, treasure, and gold doubloons.

Well, perhaps not gold doubloons specifically. But the point is clear. Columbus was in it for the money.

So we know people go on adventures for different reasons.

And you’re entitled to do this too. Which means the right time to book a holiday depends on what motivates you to make your discoveries.

We’ve sorted through the major things and put together a few suggestions: beauty, food and camaraderie. And at the end, we tell you what to do if you want to know more.

First though:


For many, more fun means more people. Camaraderie: it’s friendship, closeness, support and companionship. And an energetic joy of those things.

You can get that in the Spanish Camino de Santiago.

It’s home to one of the most ancient walking routes in the world. The ‘French Road’ has led thousands of pilgrims on an 800km journey across northern Spain.

Everyone on the Camino has a ‘Pilgrim Passport’. This is stamped in bars, hotels and churches along the way to qualify for a certificate from the official Pilgrim Office in Santiago.

And as you travel locals cheer you on, saying “Buen Camino!” or “Enjoy your walk”.

It’s a real sense of achievement for your group, and the best time to go is April and May, before the Spanish summer heats up.

Food and Drink

Does seeing the word ‘food’ make you salivate? Do you appreciate the finer things in life? Then follow your gut instinct and look for culinary-hotspot satisfaction.

That’s what you get in Piedmont in Italy.

It’s a mecca for foodies: excellent cuisine, prized white truffles, hazelnuts and chocolate.

That’s probably because of the world famous wines like the ‘King of Wines’, or Barolo. And because of important endorsements. Such as the one from the famous TV Chef Antonio Carluccio, who said “the best chocolates in the world” are in the region’s capital, Turin.

So it’s easy to see why so many are hungry to see the region.

The best time to go is September – October, the beginning of the truffle season.


It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But we read and hear glowing reviews from customers, writers, friends and families about the same places all the time. So contrary to the saying, we do on the whole think there are some truly beautiful places.

And there are few more beautiful than Provence during the lavender bloom.

Provence’s fields have been a popular subject for artists and photographers for many years.

That’s probably the handiwork of the dazzling ochre cliffs, the traditional European villages, and the superb views of Mont Ventoux. And of course the lavender.

The lavender is so adored it has become the symbol of Provence, one of the most beautiful regions of France.

To see it properly, go at a time between when it blooms in late June, and its harvest in early August.

Different interests?

Because your interests affect when you should book your holiday, give us a call if you want to know more.

You don’t need to be a Francis Drake or a Christopher Columbus. Instead, we’ll just talk about what you’re interested in and match you to your perfect adventure.

To find out when yours can begin call Headwater on 01606 827148 today.