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These are the Reasons We Think Provence is Worth Talking About

When we looked at the Food, events, nature and culture of Provence it was clear that the location of the region was the key to its popularity.

The Ancient-Roman route to Barcelona ran through the region, meaning they have a well-established mix of culture, not just of Rome and surrounding countries, but also from the Mediterranean and even hints and myths from the ancient barbarian Gallic history.

This melting pot of race and history becomes evident in the land around it. Ruined castles, giant gorges, bustling medieval towns and magnificent ports contribute towards the most breathtaking views in Southern France.

Provençal Gastronomy

There are several delicacies iconic to Provence. Bouillabaisse fish stew is one of the most famous, and captures that mix of European & Mediterranean styles we spoke of previously.

Then there is the famous rosé of Provence, for which the region is considered its spiritual home. Provençal rose is identified by its dry qualities that differ heavily from other rosés around the world.

Truffle Truffle Truffle

Perhaps the strangest thing though, and one that we had to look into further, is the culture surrounding the black truffle.

Known locally as the Black Diamond Truffle, the fungus brings a lot of economy to Provence, being the subject of bustling markets, festivals, even having a ‘fraternal order’ in their name, which is why we absolutely had to speak about truffles more in our article on the Euros, Cults, Murder & Gastronomy of the Black Diamond Truffle.

Provence Events

There is always a festival, market or activity that goes alongside everything of note in Provence. The food markets and festivals make whatever you buy more memorable, but with thought that the real extravagance lay in the annual Nice Carnival.

The whole event is a spectacle of flowers, giants & fireworks that is probably the oldest of its kind in the whole world, dating back to 1294.

France & Cinema

We all know Cannes film festival, and often judge what we see and like by their awards, but the thing that interested us is the history of the festival.

The rise of Cannes has not happened without competition, and even now, when the award ceremony is at the top of its game, jewellery theft & robbery is a big problem to the city.

The difficulties behind what the public sees is something that should definitely be talked about, so we tried to do that in our post on the city where diamonds, hearts and festivals are stolen.