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The snow holiday essentials: 10 items to pack

When you’re going on a trip out into the mountains and the snow, skiing on the slopes of Norway, walking around the prettiest plateau in Austria, or tackling the terrain by toboggan , it’s important to prevent our extremities from turning blue and keep those legs from shivering.

While the frost is part of the fun of a snow holiday, pack these few items in your bag so you stay warm, safe and comfortable in your winter wonderland.

Pack the 10 essentials

1) Sunscreen

This might be the last item you would consider for a snow holiday, but actually the sun can still be dangerous even if it’s cold outside. Those UV rays are not put off by little chilly weather!

2) Clothes: inner layer

It’s a really good idea to pack clothes for each layer. You want your best thermal clothes to wear underneath, with thick socks and thermal underwear being essential for warmth.

3) Clothes: middle layer

A nice fleece, which is not too heavy, should suffice for this particular job. If you’re conscious about temperature control look at fleeces with collars as well as zips so that you can maximise your own temperature and comfort.

4) Clothes: outer layer

Here’s your final layer. A decent ski jacket and trousers, or ski pants, ideally something durable and hardwearing but that also gives you enough manoeuvrability. If you’re buying new clothes, speak to an assistant in your nearest retailer for more advice.

5) Accessories

Hats and scarves, sunglasses and goggles: when you’re all layered up, it’s also important to make sure that you have all your extremities covered and that your eyes are protected from the sun.

6) Music player

Many find an mp3 player a valuable addition to their snow straddling adventures. Not for use on the slopes, but for those calmer moments when your favourite music can provide the soundtrack to the scenery.

7) Walky talky

Mobile signals often are unreliable in many of the remote mountain regions – pack a walky talky if there’s someone who you want to easily stay in contact with in case of emergency.

8) Dry snacks

You might get a bit peckish when you’re out in the snow, often with the nearest food being a considerable distance away. With this in mind it’s good to fill your pockets for those times when you want a little snack.

9) Pocket camera

Some special moments, like when you’re a never-ever skier at the top of their first bunny slope, are moments when you want a durable camera so you or a friend can catch a few snappy memories.

10) Thermos

After you’ve had a full day, there’s nothing nicer than a hot drink — a good thermos can solve this important problem if you and your friends want an impromptu warm and delicious tea.

No holidays like snow holidays

During October and November, it’s the perfect time to think about your winter travels. Even if it’s the first time you’ve have considered a ski holiday, you can find the perfect adventure for this the more magical end of the year.

And if you travel on a snow holiday with us, we arrange for the professional gear you need, such as skis and helmets, making it even easier for you to carry your own things around.

To find out more about our snow holidays, call Headwater on 01606 827148.