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St Lucia’s New Branding

The happy isle of St Lucia has revealed some new branding aimed to strengthen international awareness and to bring more investment and tourism to the island. The new brand is “based on the world famous Piton mountains, the colours of the national flag and  the warmth and pride of the citizens”, and was launched recently at gathering of more than 500 dignitaries on the island for the Caribbean Marketplace.

St Lucia's Pitons (Phil Blackburn/Flickr)

St Lucia's Pitons (Phil Blackburn/Flickr)

St Lucia is a gem of an island. The beaches and swaying palm trees are all well known, but some of the walking trails through the central jungles turn it from just another tourist island into a real adventure. Learning about the island’s colonial history and waving to gaggles of school kids, as colourful as butterflies in their bright starched uniforms as you walk, are all part of the experience.
The most striking feature of the island, siezed upon by the new brand, are the two ‘Pitons’, twin dramatic mountains on the island’s south west coast. Tourism minister and Civil Aviation Senator Allen Chastenet – you have to love the title of Civil Aviation Senator – said: “This modern and elegant design highlights the uniqueness and premium focus of St Lucia”. Well, that’s all very well Allen, but investing in some more photos like the one above and having a more photo orientated website for the St Lucia Tourist Board , (where you can see the new logo in the top left corner), will work wonders for your visitor numbers!

Headwater’s holiday on St Lucia features a fabulous walk up Grand Piton through vivid green jungle to a captivating balcony at the summit. After the walk, you can even dive into the hotel pool pictured above, and admire your achievement from afar!
Congratulations to St Lucia on their new logo,  and if you want to find out more then we can send you there! Just click here for our Secrets of St Lucia holiday. 
Curious facts and quotes

St. Lucia is twenty-eight miles long and thirteen miles wide. It was ceded to the England in 1814 by the French, and gained independence from the UK in 1979. The highest point in St Lucia is Mount Gimie (950 m). Find out more  information here.

“Truly it may be said that the outside of a mountain is good for the inside of a man”.
George Wherry (C19 climber)

“Give me somewhere to stand, and I will move the earth”.