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Peasants of the Caribbean

Oh dear, the cruise line P&O has had an unfortunate clash of customers on their recent Caribbean cruise on the Ventura – the UK’s biggest cruise ship launched recently by Dame Helen Mirren.

Photo: The Ventura (Tom Snaps/Flickr)

Photo: The Ventura (Tom Snaps/Flickr)

Some of the statistics for the Ventura are mind boggling – £330 million to build, 116,000 tons, cabins for 3,600 passengers and even a Marco Pierre White restaurant amongst the kaleidoscope of eating opportunities on board.

Trouble began when a large group who had paid their cruise deposit cancelled suddenly, and P&O slashed prices by 50% to fill the spaces, selling the £2000 per person cruise to six islands in the West Indies for £900 per person. Unfortunately, some of the bargain basement cruisers let the side down by making too much use of the bar, swearing at staff and other passengers and fighting by the pool – rather a breach of cruise etiquette. When Jane Archer covered the story in the Telegraph it was titled ‘When Louts Waive the Rules’ which is worth a gold star in the Headwater Headline Awards.

Despite rare episodes like this, cruising is one of the most popular and relaxing ways to see spectacular parts of the world –  you can book your own experience here.
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Curious facts and quotes

You don’t have to opt for a fancy cruise ship – several companies like www.freightervoyages.eu will arrange for you to sail on big containers ships to exotic climes, but don’t expect them to be much cheaper!

The sea is blue (generally speaking) for two reasons. Firstly it reflects the sky, and secondly, the sea refracts light just as the sky does, and blue light is more easily bent, (or refracted), than red light, so light refracted back from the surface of the sea appears blue. The scattering of light by the air, or by water, is called Rayleigh scattering.