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Office food fights at Headwater

In a flashback to flat-sharing days when you had to share fridge space with people who always seemed to be hungrier and more light-fingered than you, the Headwater kitchen has become the latest venue for an in-house food spat.

Photo: kirandulo/Flickr

Photo: kirandulo/Flickr

There’s only one way to react to communal fridge disappearances, and that’s to go on the offensive with a blanket email.

While some of us observe strict fridge etiquette by stacking it neatly and only consuming that which we have stacked, there are others with a slightly more laissez faire attitude to food left lying around. (Steve’s oatcake saga being a particular low point in 2008).

This is understandable, as in general we are a generous lot at Headwater. Certain people think nothing of purchasing tasty snacks to share with their colleagues, while others keep their short arms firmly in their deep pockets. You know who you are.

Hats off to Tina Delahunty on this occasion though. Having mistakenly swiped someone’s cherry yoghurt, “rather than the strawberry one I brought in…”, she quickly diffused tensions with a flash of diplomatic genius. Instead of meekly waiting to be e-accused by the wronged party, she immediately issued a blanket apology to the unknown individual she mistakenly left cherry yoghurtless, thus maintaining Headwater’s natural harmony and balance (which, by coincidence, was sort of what the yoghurt claimed to do anyway).

On the subject of food satisfaction, The Times have uncovered a letter of complaint sent to Virgin boss Richard Branson that may raise a smile from you if not from the sender – you can read it here.

Curious facts and quotes

Yoghurt is a mixture of milk and cream fermented by adding lactic acid producing bacteria, lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus.

Incidentally, in cheesemaking,  milk is acidified until it begins to coagulate in a mushy mess. The solid lumps are called curds (which become cheese), and the liquid (water, lactose and serum proteins) is called whey.

So if you ever wondered what Little Miss Muffet  was eating, now you know.

Utah lightning (Jared Smith/Flickr)

No chocolate for dogs (Jared Smith/Flickr)

Strange but true, chocolate – especially dark chocolate – is toxic to small dogs.

Too much Theo Bromine, an ingredient in chocolate, will zap your dog just as surely as lightning will, so keep it out of reach of your furry friends.

Fergus, a West Highland Terrier of my acquaintance recently helped himself to an entire Terry’s Chocolate Orange and only just made it to the vet before he lapsed into a chocolate induced coma. He doesn’t have a monopoly on eating himself into a chocolate induced coma though – several people at Headwater are pretty good at it too.