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France Combats Le Crunch

The Editor of France Magazine  Carolyn Boyd had a piece in the Times this weekend on how, contrary to popular opinion at the moment, France is still great value for money when it comes to dining out despite ‘Le Crunch’.
Restaurants across the country are offering ‘anti-crise’ menus for as little as 3.50 euros for lunch. You can read her full article here.

Photo: js319/Flickr

Photo: js319/Flickr

Well well said Carolyn, you’re dead right.  Back in the giddy days of 1.4 euro to the pound, we all got so used to knocking about a third off the price that it comes as a rude awakening to contemplate today’s exchange rate of 1.14, but it doesn’t change the fact that France still represents excellent value for money when you compare it with the UK. After all, in most places you can find a three course meal including wine at lunchtime for around 12-15 euro per person which you would be hard pressed to match in the UK in equivalent sterling, especially in terms of food quality.

One Frenchman who knows his onions is top chef Alain Ducasse, whose several restaurants are consistently highly acclaimed with Michelin stars. His Bastide de Moustiers property in Provence is superb, and it is close to  Bauduan on Lac Ste Croix, (which is where you will stay if you choose Headwater’s cycling holidays in Provence ). If you are on the hunt for a classic French gourmet experience, try our Vineyards of Vaucluse cycling holiday– like many of our trips it is euro immune because  all evening meals are included in the price – a real bargain!
You can learn more about Alain Ducasse in a recent interview in the Daily Telegraph here.



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