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Destinations Show – Test Your Travel IQ!

The annual Destinations Show kicks off today at Earl’s Court running from the 5th to the 8th of February.  The Destinations Show is the perfect place to go to look for holiday inspiration, especially on another grey and snowy day when it’s cold outside and we all dream of escaping to some sunshine.

Holiday Inspiration Photo: Jean Sebastien Roy/Flickr

Bora Bora Photo: Jean Sebastien Roy/Flickr

One of the best things about Destinations is the fact it is packed with incredibly interesting people who have seen and experienced huge swathes of the world, including many areas that will almost certainly be of interest to you, and they are straining at the leash to talk to you about it.

Providing the razzmatazz on the main stage this year will be dancers from Brazil, Colombia and India, while presentations by leading lights in the fields of exploration, history, photography and literature will be going on throughout the day.
You can find a list of exhibitors here.

Headwater will be on stand AA37 represented by Catherine Crone, Tina James and Mike Wheeler who will be delighted to talk you through any of the holidays in our diverse programme.

There won’t be many places on the face of the planet that you cannot go to with some operator or other, whether it is cooking in Bhutan or counting sea turtles in St Lucia, so if you’re looking for inspiration and you haven’t made plans for this weekend, you know what to do. You can book tickets here -have a great day out!

Photo: kcp4911/Flickr

Photo: kcp4911/Flickr

Lots of us believe we have a decent general knowledge of geography and a pretty good idea where everything is in the world. If this sounds like you and you’re feeling confident with 10 minutes to spare, put your knowledge to the test with an infuriatingly addictive online Travellers IQ test here.
There are 12 levels and you have to score enough points against the clock in order to access the next level. Time and distance are of the essence.
The in-house Headwater record is held by Steve Murray in Research, (who did it at the weekend in his own time), reaching level 11 with a Traveller IQ of 122.
The best tip we can give is to revise your Eastern European countries and Russian cities if you want to go all the way – and let us know if you beat 122!

Curious Facts and Quotes

The Vere Family, (of Kensington), owned the land in Earls Court in the C19. They were the Earls of Oxford, hence the name.

“Sooner or later we must realise there is no station, no one place to arrive at once and for all. The true joy of life is the trip”.
Robert Hastings

“To know what everybody else knows is to know nothing”.
Remy De Gurmont