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Celebrate summer: top 5 destinations for 2015

Feel like going somewhere new this summer?

You’re not alone. Everyone seems ready to get out of their comfort zone and try something new this year, with over a third of holidaymakers expected to look for unexplored destinations and exciting new experiences.

To do that, here’s some inspiration for 2015:

1) Cuba and Havana

Earlier this year, US President Obama announced he would reopen diplomatic relations with Cuba.

That means it’s going to change. Locals will increasingly be able to buy new commodities, and develop new buildings, and so old traditions will probably get a little bit lost.

It’s the paradox of progress.

But if you visit soon you’ll be there before modernisation happens, and you’ll gain a fantastic insight into Cuba’s history, politics, and culture.

2) Dorset and the Jurassic Coast

If ITV’s Broadchurch didn’t already alert you to this thrilling scenery – feel happily introduced.

The Jurassic Coast is undeniably one of the most beautiful spots in the UK: its geology traces back over 185 million years of history.

For generations the scenery has attracted all kinds of people. Including the novelist Tomas Hardy, who created the fictional region of Wessex to house of all his favourite parts of the South West, including the Jurassic Coast, for tales such as ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’ and ‘The Return of the Native’.

3) Costa Rica

What a place for wildlife.

Costa Rica is tiny, but its landscape is massively varied. It’s packed with fauna and flora, and more than 60 national parks and nature reserves. Here you might spot a quetzal, or a tree frog, or an agouti, or an iguana.

You never know what delight is around the corner.

And when you’re finished taking in the sights, take a rest on the beaches running along the island’s coast, rivalling any in the Caribbean.

4) Croatia

This country is getting a lot of attention from curious travellers.

One reason why Croatian tourism might be on the increase is the popular ‘Game of Thrones’ series, because the capital Dubrovnik was given a medieval makeover, once again, to star as the King’s Landing.

Croatia also has a reputation for the summer festivals that happen on its small islands. But its busy side is nicely counterbalanced by quiet rural villages whose history takes you back 2000 years.

And with the pound performing well against the Kuna, there’s never been a more affordable time to see this part of the world.

5) Portugal – Porto

Lisbon might be the capital, but in 2015 the more exciting destination is Porto.

Which is something the airlines are more than aware of, as they extend flights from Bristol, Luton and Manchester.

What’s bringing people here?

Well. Porto’s historic centre has been Unesco-listed since 1996. There are medieval churches, cobbled lanes, pretty squares, steep steps and stunning buildings, leading down to the deep and beautiful river.

But it’s not just the history. The city rebranded itself last year to convey its cosmopolitan side. So there are plenty of new places to see, such as the World of Discoveries museum and theme park.

And that makes it a welcoming destination for families.

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