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Announcing: favourite destinations 2015

Where should I go in the New Year for an unforgettable adventure?

2015. First fact, on March 20th a total solar eclipse will be visible in the North Atlantic. Second, on May 7th we have the next general election.

And third, on September 10th Queen Elizabeth will become Britain’s longest reigning monarch. These events are guaranteed to be memorable, even historic. But what does 2015 hold for you? Read on to find out more.

Charter new lands

If you want a memorable year, it’s important to do something worth remembering. With this in mind we’ve gone through our holidays and picked some of the most intriguing.

1) Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, a small country in Central America, you could see something you’ve never seen before.

Although the human population of this country is about 4.5 million (less than one percent of the world’s total) the region has a high level of biodiversity. About four percent of all the possible kinds of creatures in the world live here.

It’s also home to over 850 species of bird, like the famous red and blue Scarlet Macaw. But don’t fret about safety: on a guided wildlife walk an expert shows you the volcanoes, lagoons and forests you can talk all about for years to come.

2) Morocco  

You know in the UK we often say “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” well the Moroccan equivalent is “An old cat will not learn how to dance.” Perhaps this is true. But in our experience we’ve seen plenty of people try new things, not least on holidays in Morocco.

Imagine walking across the vast undulating plains of the Sahara. The world’s largest subtropical hot desert covers 9.4 million square kilometres, almost as large as the USA (9.8 million). While crossing the whole thing would be unthinkable, the more traversable regions fall within Morocco — here the sand is a soft red orange, and civilisation is never too far away.

To wind down you might taste the local tagine, a historic Berber stew of meat and vegetables, or shop in the souks such as the world famous markets of Marrakesh.

3) Austria

The 19th century princess Elizabeth of Austria was so beautiful that she attracted a cult following. Her beauty regime was excessive; it’s said that the daily care of her long, long, long brown hair took well over three hours.

The beauty of this princess might as well stand as a metaphor for the whole of the country. Slightly eccentric, perhaps even a little nutty, this nation is full of delights for even the most well-travelled of travellers.

Just picture the dramatic view from atop the Zugspitze Alps and the steady tranquillity of Carinthia’s shimmering turquoise lakes. How can things get better than that?

4) Bermuda  

Here’s another sight for sore eyes. The beaches along the Bermuda islands are as perfect as they are beautiful. The whole archipelago is a soft spot for those who enjoy a visual treat – one which covers just 53.2 square kilometres.

Since its discovery by captain Juan de Bermúdez in the 16th century, people have introduced a variety of flora and fauna to the island – now over 1000 different plants create that lasting image in the mind. It is as author Mark Twain said: “You go to heaven if you want – I’d rather stay here in Bermuda.”

5) Cuba  

Explore Cuba and get to know its people, history and culture.

Imagine a farmer handpicking his herbs, some not quite ready to harvest. Then he checks his bee farm, popular in the nation, and tests the honey with a straw. He doesn’t have to worry: Cuban bees have no sting!

That’s just one sort of scene you could catch in this wonderful country. But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all there is to see – firstly there’s the bustling capital city, Havana, which is as lively as rum and cola.

Secondly, there are as many as five UNESCO heritage sites, from coffee plantations to country valleys, giving you plenty of dramatic scenery to explore.

When is the best time to travel?

You can book holidays all year round. This helps if you’re a stickler for a certain temperature, as you’ll be able to get the one that you like by booking at the right time. It’s after you’ve booked that things get really interesting…

Because when you see unique scenery or you experience a new culture, those memories stay with you forever. And the tale of your memorable journey gets around even more.

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