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Goodbye George, Hello Barack

Today is a big day for America (and much of the rest of the western world) as President elect Obama finally takes office and tries to put right the wrongs bequeathed to him by the media’s favourite Presidential clown George W Bush. We are all used to seeing articles like this one – ‘The top […]

Peasants of the Caribbean

Oh dear, the cruise line P&O has had an unfortunate clash of customers on their recent Caribbean cruise on the Ventura – the UK’s biggest cruise ship launched recently by Dame Helen Mirren. Some of the statistics for the Ventura are mind boggling – £330 million to build, 116,000 tons, cabins for 3,600 passengers and […]

A Bird, A Plane, and Superman

   The great escape of all 155 people on the Airbus that was forced down by a suspected bird strike in New York yesterday is a giant relief to everyone, and an incredible achievement by the pilot – Captain Chelsey B Sullenberger – who can now surely hang up his hat and go fishing for […]

New Runway for LHR

European Sculpture Wars

With political correctness rampant in this great nation of ours, and even the blandest statement sending oversensitive types into a frenzy of indignation, thank goodness for the Czech Republic.In order to celebrate their accession to the EU presidency they commissioned a £350,000 sculpture from the unpredictable Czech artist David Cerny.

Darwin, The Galapagos and Giant Tortoises

The Times reported on a remarkable story in December about a giant tortoise whose age was determined to be 178!  Jonathan the tortoise was pictured in an ancient black and white photo on St Helena in 1900, in the company of a prisoner of the Boer War. Curious that the photographer noted Jonathan’s name down […]

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

 A word in from our guide Stuart Sommers who leads our Provence Coastal Walk – it has snowed in his village of Chateauneuf de Gadagne for the first time in 3000 years! You can see the proof on Stuart’s blog. With snow even in Provence, the snow conditions across the Alps (and Scandinavia) really are […]

Welcome to the Headwater Blog 2009

  Happy New Year and welcome to Headwater’s weblog – or blog as they are known in the world of social media, with apologies to fans of the Queen’s English. In case you need to know, a blog is a contraction of the term web log, and is roughly defined as a website with regular entries […]

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